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It’s important to have appropriate legal representation after any serious accident no matter who was at fault, and motorcycle accidents are no exception. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, at Gillis Injury Law in Richmond Hill, we can help. From getting a fair settlement from your insurance company, or from that of an at-fault driver, our team of experienced lawyers will help you get what’s best for you after an accident. Call our experienced lawyers in Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas if you must file a claim after a motorcycle accident, or if you must appear in court due to an incident with another driver.


While a motorcycle in itself may not be more likely to crash, riding one is intrinsically more dangerous than driving a car, simply because you don’t have the protective armour of metal between your body and the outside world. You may be the most responsible motorcycle rider in the world, but one careless motorist or a traffic incident can still result in an accident. Similarly, if it begins to rain, oil on the streets combined with the water make for slick roads – something you must remember without fail when you’re on 2 wheels. Other surfaces such as gravel, ice or uneven pavement are equally unsafe and require an elevated level of attention while riding a motorcycle. 

Also, as a motorcycle rider, keep in mind the fact that other vehicles on the road may not see you. Operating a motorcycle means you need to take defensive driving to a whole new level. Assume that the cars around you are unaware that you’re there, because they probably are. Have your escape path in mind, especially in heavy traffic.

Wear Protective Gear

It goes without saying that appropriate protective gear should be worn while riding a motorcycle. Sure, it’s expensive; but what price would you put on your life? You’ll need a helmet, a protective suit (sometimes called “leathers”) and motorcycle boots. Canadian law requires only that motorcycle operators and passengers both wear a helmet meeting certain safety certifications; however, a padded full-body suit and sturdy motorcycle boots will protect the rest of you and can actually keep you more comfortable while you ride.


If you’ve taken all the precautionary measures you can but have still been injured in a motorcycle accident in Richmond Hill, York Region, or surrounding areas, Gillis Injury Law can help you get the settlement you deserve when you file an injury claim. Similarly, if you need to file a lawsuit against an at-fault driver, our skilled and experienced personal injury lawyers can represent you in court, working hand-in-hand with you to defend claims. With over 35 years of experience, we’ll ensure that your rights are being observed while we help you work toward a fair settlement. Call us today.


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